360° Isn’t Just For The Chickens

Even though the technology has been going “Hog Wild” online with the VR craze and Virtual Reality taking a new high with the online world.  Here at EnjoySRQ360 we take this very seriously.  We are trying to show businesses how to better use this technology to help our customers get more clients of their own.  We are focused on Google Maps, Google+, and Google Business integration first and foremost.  However our team gets out in the field to show just how extreme you can go.  We get asked all the time if we can do weddings on the beach, or family reunions to be specific.  “Yes, we can!” is our first answer!  If we can do chicken’s we can do anything!  Yes, we got asked to do someone’s chickens.  It was all fun and games, but we did it.   We see new ways to demonstrate this powerful photography everyday here in Sarasota.  We look forward to your challenge.  However, Google Street View isn’t for Chickens!  Contact Us today!  EnjoySRQ360.com is your source for 360 Photography here in Sarasota Florida.